Recommended Traditional Literature Books:

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. Harper Collins, 1994.
Asimov, Isaac.
Words from the Myths. Illustrated by William Barss.
    Houghton, 1961. Ages 9-YA
Chaucer, Geoffrey.
Canterbury Tales. Adapted by Barbara Cohen. Illustrated
    by Trina Schart Hyman. Lothrop, 1988.
DePaola, Tomie.
The Legend of Bluebonnet. Putnam, 1983
Farmer, Penelope.
Beginnings: Creation Myths of the World. Illustrated by
   Antonio Frasconi. Atheneum, 1979. Ages 9-12.
Green, Roger Lancelyn.
Tales of the Greek Heroes. Penguin Books, 1958.
Hamilton, Virginia.
In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the
. Illustrated by Barry Moser. Harcourt, 1988.
Kimmel, Eric A., adapter.
I-Know-Not-What, I-Know-Not-Where: A Russian
Illustrated by Robert Sauber. Holiday, 1994.
Mayo, Margaret, reteller.
Magic Tales from Many Lands. Illustrated by Jane
   Ray. Dutton, 1993.
Osborne, Mary Pope.
American Tall Tales. Illustrated by Michael McCurdy.
  Knopf, 1997.
San Souci, Robert D.
Cut from the Same Cloth: American Women of Myth,
  Legend, and Tall Tale
. Illustrated by Brian Pickney. Philomel, 1993.
Sutcliff, Rosemary.
Dragonslayer: The Story of Beowulf. Puffin, 1986.
Taylor, C.J.,
How We Saw the World: Nine Native Stories of the Way Things
Tundra, 1998.  
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What is Traditional Literature?
Traditional literature is made up of ancient stories and poems that grew out of the
human quest to understand the natural and spiritual worlds. Traditional tales were
preserved through time by oral story telling and were eventually written down for us to
enjoy today. Most traditional literature has no identifiable authors - these stories are
identified by the people or culture that started them.
The following is recommended Traditional Literature reading for students in middle school:
Traditional Literature in Language Arts
and Reading.
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